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blink182reunion's Journal

Blink 182's back! SUMMER 2009
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about the community;;

This community will serve as the go-to place for all of your blink-182 needs. Now that, after nearly four years of indefinite hiatus, blink is back together (!!!), it calls for a new community. A community that can provide you with all of the latest blink-182 news: pictures, videos, blogs, etc.

This community is kind of my pet project, since I was sick (and I know some of you have to be too), of all the deader than dead blink-182 communities still lurking out there.

posting rules;;
This is a moderated community but we welcome pretty much any kind of blink-182 related post.


DO post:
- Graphics
- Introductions
- Reviews (now that the concerts have actually begun happening again!)
- blink-182 related news/pictures

DO NOT post:
- Advertisements (unless they're blink-182 related)
- Things that have already been posted. Please check before you post!
- Fanfiction. Please limit that to the blink fanfiction communities. :)

links of interest;;
blink-182's official website
blink-182's official myspace
blink-182's official facebook
blink-182's twitter
mark's blog
angels and airwaves' main website
blink_slash182 - for all of your fanfiction needs :)


isolatedhero for the banner
morirvivo for the layout

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